Zena Marchant

About Zena Marchant

Zena Marchant is a facilities manager of LaGuardia Gateway Partners, a private corporation hired by former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to develop and run Terminal B at LaGuardia International Airport. She has over eight years of experience in management and as a specialist, with an emphasis on assisting businesses in building sustainably for the long term benefit of the environment. Numerous present and previous colleagues have commended her on her abilities in the domains of environmental science, sustainability, data analysis, and community involvement.

Zena Marchant has lived in New York City her whole life. She left the state for four years to study meteorology at Penn State University but returned to get a Master's degree in Earth and Environmental Science at CUNY City College.

Marchant placed a focus on continuous learning throughout her career, acquiring many certificates from professional organizations. She has an OSHA 40 Safety and Training certificate, a Florida Association of Safety Councils OSHA 30 construction certificate, and a National Safety Council OSHA 10 construction certificate. Additionally, she has a New York State Mold Assessor License issued by the New York Department of Labor.